How many times a day do you log into your social media accounts? The reasons could be many: boredom, wanting to connect with loved ones, being nosy, wanting to ignore the person sitting across the table, running your business… Although they do exist, it is rare to find a person without a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or SnapChat account (although granted, that last one seems to be a Millennial thing).

Regardless of your reasons, there are as many dire consequences to being careless with posted information as there are good reasons to stay connected. Some of the things we do online could potentially put our safety and our business in jeopardy. In order to diminish those chances as much as possible, consider the following factors.

Do not post your birthday:

Who cares if you don’t get 400 messages from people who only know when you were born because of a Facebook reminder? Think about it: When you’re resetting a forgotten password, you have to verify you are you. It would be way too easy for a hacker to see your date of birth on your social media accounts and use it later against you.

Only go online from a VPN:

We get it. Sometimes you have to use the Internet NOW. But is the urgency worth risking a third party to view your sensitive business information? Most businesses have a Facebook or Twitter business account. Even a short message could be read by an unintended third party if it isn’t encrypted. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) would mask your IP address and encrypt your messages. So no, do not connect to that coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi.

Turn off geolocation:

What is it with people having the need to share where they are at all times? You may be at an industry specific convention or awards, and you obviously want to share that with social media followers. But hoodlums can also use it to their advantage. If you’re a sole proprietor and you check in somewhere across the country, or post pictures that automatically announce your location, it’s Christmas day for thieves. A the very least, turn off geotagging from your social media accounts.

Facebook and Twitter are only a small portion of keeping your business safe; but it’s a starting point. For everything else, contact Source 1 Solutions to address your business security needs. Contact us, and let us help you.

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