You’ve got mail. A famous phrase that reminds us of the days of dial-up Internet and chatting with friends on ICQ. What a long way we’ve come. But with all of our technological advances, also come risks; and as Ransomware, Wannacry, and Petya have recently proved, the damage can be felt at large scales.

So IT engineers get to work to protect our software, computers, and servers. Let’s make sure we back up everything and keep in mind no brainers such as not opening email attachments from unknown sources.

But what about the Internet of Things (IoT) in so many items? We always have our phones with us; and according to the International Data Corporation, IoT will be pervasive in the workplace, such as with smart office sensors and telepresence.

So what’s the cyber security landscape for the IoT?

Most IoT devices have not been designed to ward off hackers; and this lends itself to attempts to infiltrate government agencies and businesses for sensitive information, whether via hacking or eavesdropping. And researchers have already been able to do so (so chances are pretty soon a hacker will figure out a way to do it better, faster).

What happens now?

The IoT is new enough that industries are still figuring things out as they go along. And as recent as August 20th of this year (2017 for those of you reading this in the future), Congress introduced a bill to regulate cyber security in the IoT industry. However, its scope its limited solely to government networks.

As of now, there are only handful of things we can do, while we figure things out: constantly update the software on your devices; change your passwords regularly; and here’s the most burdensome one: Read the terms and conditions of all of your IoT devices. Yes, they are long and excruciatingly boring; but if you’re going to allow so much access to your information and privacy, you want to know exactly the scope of that access.

The best way to stay updated with these developments is to hire sophisticated IT engineers for all of your cyber security needs. At Source 1 Solutions, we pride ourselves on always staying on top of all things IT related. Contact us and tell us about your business.

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