Remember when technology consisted on being able to talk on the phone for hours, because thanks to call waiting, an important call wouldn’t get a busy signal? You could talk to your crush for as long as you wanted, without a worry. I can picture your sparkling braces smile.

How times have changed. Now we can just tell Alexa to play our favorite music, without having to get up from the couch. And the same way that little machine can hear what we’re saying, other machines can reach the similar conclusions as a thinking individual.

Cognitive computing provides technology with real time sensory information. This has allowed it to even save lives: Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is using it to compare patients’ data with the vast amounts of medical information that gets updated at a dizzying pace.

How can it improve IT security?

A unique aspect of cognitive computing is that it can learn and reason; something that just a few short years ago, only humans could do. Just how much can a computer learn? IBM’s Watson was a contestant on Jeopardy! and beat some pretty tough competition.

Yes, it sounds unfair to have to compete with a computer, but when you have large amounts of data and a shortage of IT professionals, there has to be a safety net to ensure that you’re protected from cyber attacks. Ransomware and Wannacry aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they will be coming back stronger and more harmful than what we’ve seen so far.

Cognitive computing allows businesses to detect vulnerabilities much faster, and contain them in record time.

The current cyber crime landscape has caused worldwide crisis, leaving both private businesses and government agencies scrambling for damage control. Obviously, traditional methods are becoming practically obsolete.

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