We’ve all read the news about the damage cyber security threats have caused to large companies and government agencies. What makes it even more worrisome is knowing that even with all the money these giants have at their disposal, hackers can easily break through their security systems. So as a small business owner, what chances do you have of being able to protect yourself effectively?


It turns out, there are several nifty ways of covering your bases. One of them is CryptoStopper. It’s the tech equivalent of a celebrity sending out a decoy to trick paparazzi. Viruses like Ransomware work by encrypting your data and holding it ransom. With CryptoStopper, decoy files are issued by your security system. If a hacker tries to encrypt them, the software will detect it immediately and kills the virus. How’s that for being able to sleep better at night?

Protect Your Mobile Devices:

Nowadays, we pretty much keep our entire lives in our phones or iPads; so it’s essential to install protection in them in addition to our computers. Lookout has several ways of protecting your handled devices and patching up vulnerabilities.

Always Back Up Your Data:

Let’s say a hacker sends you a message stating that if you want your database back, you’ll have to pay them. How much are you going to panic if you already have access to it from a cloud service? By having multiple platforms in which to store your information, you take away power from clowns trying to extort money from you.

Cyber crime is here to stay, and cyber security is a crucial element of your business security. Don’t wait until you have a scare to do something about it. Contact us and let’s discuss strategies that work best for you.

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