On May 12, 2017, the biggest virus attack in the world hit over 150 countries, affecting businesses, government agencies, hospitals, and all kinds of institutions. From big companies to small businesses, the result was the same: people panicking as they watched their business data disappear and held hostage for ransom.

Worst of all? They didn’t even have any assurances that if they paid the money requested, they would get their information back.

The Monster Strikes Again

As with all sorts of news, about a month after the Cryware/Ransomware attack, it became old news. No one was really talking about it anymore. And then… on June 27, 2017, a similar virus struck again, this time, affecting airlines, public transportation systems, and banks all over Europe.

So no, this is not old news. This is a serious problem that causes computer systems to pretty much become inoperable. Say hello to a new form of extortion.

What can I do to protect my business?

There are several ways to maximize your cyber security, such as firewalls and strong passwords; but in addition to that, you have to constantly monitor your systems in order to detect any vulnerabilities and conduct patch management. You need to have a reliable and sophisticated IT team to do this for you.

Once that’s done, you have to keep monitoring your cyber security system. These attackers are not a one-size fits all kind of criminals. They are every bit as knowledgeable about information technologies as the most sophisticated experts. They are professionals. This is why you can’t just buy an anti virus protection at Best Buy and expect to be protected.

Source 1 Solutions has an entire staff of high-end IT engineers who can provide the best solutions for your business security. Contact us to discuss any concerns you may have, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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