How fun is it when you’re watching a funny video or a sports recap on YouTube and the screen freezes? Do you automatically assume your computer sucks, or do you think it might be the Internet connection? If you blame the Internet, or your connection to the internet you get points for guessing right.

The same thing happens with your closed circuit television system (CCTV). If your screen keeps turning pink, or getting frozen or fuzzy images, don’t start cursing your cameras. If you’ve already upgraded your hardware, chances are, this is a common problem with a relatively easy solution.

Imagine, for example, an interstate highway during rush hour. You can have the latest Maserati, but if every lane is bumper to bumper, you’re going to move as fast a snail on NyQuil.

The illustration below is an example of a congested network.  17% packet loss equals crappy video or your Maserati getting a flat tire every mile.

The same thing happens with your network. If you have several cameras connected to a poorly designed or configured network, there’s going to be an information overload that will jam the infrastructure. Instead of being routed in a straight line to provide you with the highest quality video feed, the information will be broken down. This is why you see pink screens, frozen screens, and distorted video.

What can you do to improve your Closed Circuit TV images?

By having a Certified Network engineers evaluate your infrastructure, you can address the issue efficiently: A new lane, for example, would work wonders to keep traffic flowing. This is technically called quality of service on the network.

The illustration below is the same Network after reconfiguring.

In order to fix the problem, you have to call the proper professional. Having a technician take a look at your hardware when the problem is actually the network, is like calling Triple AAA for roadside assistance for an issue not related to your car.

Source 1 Solutions team of Certified Network Engineers can efficiently evaluate your network and uncover all of the road blocks and fix the root cause of the problem.  And once that new lane is opened up, moving forward will be one smooth ride. Call the right experts. It will be worth it.

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