Before owning your own business, did you ever have a job you hated as much as the main character on Office Space hated his? Were you rooting for the “bad guys” when they hacked into their employer’s computer system to make money? Would you hack into someone’s security system, just for fun and giggles?

You may not want to, but everyone who has paid good money to have security installed in their business should know that for any modern hoodlum who may want to find something to do on a Friday night, all they have to do is search online for ways to get your security footage to stream to their phone. For some, it’s purely entertainment. For others, it would serve as a home-delivered tutorial on how to deactivate your alarm, control your cameras, break into your business, and know where, exactly, to look for loot. And if the tutorials are too complicated? They can always hire a hacker.

Concerned yet? You should be. It’s 2017 and even toddlers know how to use electronics better than previous generations do. In fact, there are even apps people can access to live stream your security camera’s footage. So whereas in the past, you could have peace of mind by knowing that whoever was installing your security system had to pass a thorough background check, now you also have to also worry about cybersecurity. In fact, earlier this year, Forbes published an article on why cybersecurity should be the biggest concern of the year. We have become so dependent on technology to do everything for us (from mobile banking to ordering pizza), that we are extremely vulnerable to hackers who may invade our privacy, steal personal information, or break into our property.

It is for this reason that taking this type of security into account is no longer optional. Cybercrime is not only a reality, but it’s likely to increase. The logical solution to this dilemma would be to hire IT engineers to design and install your security system, instead of having your regular bread and butter security firms do it. It would be the equivalent of going to a neurosurgeon for brain surgery instead of taking a Tylenol and lighting candles, hoping for a miracle.

As to the pieces of flare, just get another job.

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