Enjoy having a vacation property without the worry with one of the new Smart Home Systems. 

Many people own vacation homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are now more than eight million vacation homes across the country, and sales are rising by 20 to 30 percent each year.

Since you don’t live at your vacation property year-round, you can’t always be there to maintain or secure it. However, by using a home automation system, you can keep tabs on your property, even when you’re miles away. It all starts with a home security system. Glass break sensors can let you know whether or not you’ll need to repair a broken window when you get there or before you arrive. There are video and security systems that will keep an eye on your home and alert you if any type of issue occurs. Water leak sensors can send you a text if a leak is detected. You can even have a system that will cut the water supply off using your phone.

Once installed, these systems communicate wirelessly, so you can access them at any time using your mobile device. This makes it easy to check on your property to see if there are any problems.

If your vacation home does need attention, your home automation system can be set to allow access to cleaners, landscapers or repairmen with digital door locks. You can also create a unique code, which can be set to work only at the times when you have work scheduled. You can even watch while the work is being done, then lock up and turn on the alarm remotely when the workers leave.

Home automation is necessary, even while you’re relaxing at your vacation property, as these systems can lock your doors or turn on the alarm when you leave for the day, or after you have left for other activities. With home automation, you simply bring up your mobile app, and with a few quick taps, the doors are locked and the alarm is set.

You can also expand your home automation system to include thermostat controls, which let you set the temperature anytime, anywhere. If you’re just leaving your home on a hot day, you can adjust the air conditioning so that you won’t waste energy. Then, on your way home, you can lower the cooling setting, so you’re not stuck in the heat when you arrive there.

These systems are particularly important if you rent your property to others, as renters may not treat your property with the same respect that you do. Home automation and security will help you to determine if agreed-upon rules are being followed and if your vacation home is left in reasonable condition after your renters or guests depart.

Once the property is vacant, you can let a cleaning service in with the push of a button. You can also set up scheduled vacation door lock codes for guests, which you can then delete after their stay. You can even create a “vacation program” in your smart home app, such as Honeywell’s Total Connect, which links multiple actions at the tap of a button. For example, when a rental period ends, your program can simultaneously lock all the doors, turn on the alarm, activate the video cameras and turn down the thermostat. This helps avoid security issues caused by well-meaning renters who forget to secure the property when they leave.

If you have purchased a vacation home, you need an automation and security system to protect your investment.

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