Your home has a lot to tell you since, thanks to the technology available through smart home security, it now has a voice. It can keep you aware of everything that occurs in your home from fires to teenagers’ parties, no matter where you are, through real-time text and video alerts. 

In extreme cases, like a fire, tornado or potential break-in, knowing what’s happening can literally save your life. At other times, you’ll enjoy enhanced peace of mind, comfort, protection and the ability to address problems before they grow bigger. The new smart home security features will certainly change your life for the better. 

This technology is simple to manage, as you can opt for the type of alerts that you want and need, as your security system filters out the events that don’t concern you. Thanks to the wealth of data that your smart home security system has from its sensors and devices, it can tell the difference.

A home security system can tell you when something’s wrong. If there is an alarm event at your home, you’ll be the first to know, even when you are not there, via an alert on your smartphone. Your 24/7 professional monitoring service will also be alerted immediately so that they can assess the situation and dispatch emergency personnel to your home if necessary. Even if your security panel or phone lines are damaged, companies such as Source 1 Solutions can still alert everyone who needs to know thanks to advanced secure cellular connection technology. 

You will also know when everything is all right since this sense of awareness also gives you confirmation that things are fine. For example, you can set up an alert that lets you know that your children have arrived home from school every day, based on them entering their user code into your alarm panel. This feature will also help you keep track of contractors, dog walkers, and even out-of-town guests. 

Most importantly, you will know if there is a dangerous situation. You can integrate your smoke and carbon monoxide sensors into your system so that they will instantly alert you and the others who need to know if your property is in danger. These alerts allow you valuable time to get home and handle situations that may occur. One Source 1 Solutions user was able to save his dogs from a house fire after receiving such an alert. Another user was able to get his family to safety with minutes to spare before a tornado struck his home, thanks to a severe weather alert on his smartphone. If you’re out of town regularly, you can even set up to have alerts sent to a trusted neighbor. This is a great option for peace of mind when you are traveling.

If you forget to arm your smart security system when you leave home, you don’t need to return home to set it, as you can use your smartphone app to arm your system remotely.

Emergencies aside, many minor household events can cause you a problem if you’re unaware of them. Toddlers can open a freezer and leave it open. Teens can bring other teens into your home when you’re out, or a guest can change the temperature of your thermostat without telling you. All of these situations can be detected with different smart home security sensors that will generate alerts to let you know what is happening. 

You may wonder how to tell if it is an intruder or a squirrel that set off your porch’s motion detector. A smart security image sensor will tell you. This small device combines motion detection with the ability to send you a snapshot of whatever caused the motion, giving you instant knowledge of what happened. If you are using a video solution on your porch, you can create smart rules that filter your video alerts in accordance with specific event triggers. For example, you can rule out video alerts from your hallway camera if the alarm system is disarmed. You will be amazed how much you can do with these systems.

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