I am amazed by how many extraordinary homes in which I have been asked to provide risk assessments that the homeowner and/or their security system provider had not covered the exterior area of the residence.

Video Monitoring

Most homeowners in this area have invested heavily in their new homes’ exterior areas to make the outside of them as inviting as the inside. They have built magnificent pools with whirlpools and spas to entertain their family and friends at get togethers or to just beat the heat on a lazy Sunday. They have also installed bars and kitchens that rival some of the area’s nicest public bars and restaurants. They often have big beautiful boats on their lifts, yet no one has ever discussed what can be done to help protect these expensive items.

If you are not aware that you can install electronic security in these areas, I can assure you that advancements in wireless technology has made protecting these types of assets both easy and effective. Motion sensors can alert you if you have unwanted guests having a party in your pool while you are away on vacation, or are attempting to remove something of value from your property.

In addition to being alerted by alarm if someone approaches your boat or other possessions, you can have video clips sent to your smart phone to determine if you need police involvement or assistance. The possibilities are limitless, so don’t fail to take the time to design a security system that protects an incredible part of the investment you have made in your home.

originally published in Tampa Bay Magazine, September/October 2015 edition: http://mys1s.net/1NiplOu

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