Increasingly, consumers expect to have real-time information at their fingertips. To meet those expectations, Honeywell has developed Total Connect Cameras that allow you to watch live video feeds and receive real-time video alerts.

Honeywell’s indoor and outdoor IP cameras can be installed easily with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push-button enrollment. Featuring the latest industry leading security enhancements, users’ safety is paramount, installation is fast & there is no security risk to your home network. Live video monitoring on your smart, mobile devices and Honeywell touchpads increases security and helps to provide unprecedented peace of mind for you and your family.

This system permits you to keep an eye on your children anytime they are home, or you can easily watch nannies and babysitters as they interact with the children, from your mobile phone. Moreover, you can know when your children have arrived home safely from school by using a video alert that goes to your smart phone, or see whether your teenage children and their guests are behaving responsibly. You can even place cameras near hazardous or off-limits areas and set them to detect motion and alert you via your smartphone.

Those with pets enjoy receiving a live video of their pets and video alerts when dog walkers or pet sitters arrive. Cameras can also be placed near feeding areas to see if your automatic watering systems and feeders are working while you are away, or if motion is sensed in your outdoor pool area or gated entrances.

For those caring for the elderly, you can see when someone has left your home, or watch as home health care workers or live-in aides care for your loved ones. By strategically placing cameras in hallways, staircases and doors, you can monitor your loved ones without infringing on their feeling of privacy.

All these empowering features are now possible through this modern smart home technology that is also surprisingly affordable.


Article originally published in Tampa Bay Magazine, November/December 2014 Edition.

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Jessica Barnes

The Total Connect app is so great, and allows you to view your cameras from multiple places, phones, tablets, all with just a user ID & password. It’s good in that you don’t have to learn about firewalls, IP port forwarding and such just to make it work. Perfect for keeping an eye on your kids.