At one time, most homeowners viewed a security system as a good door lock. However, over the years, much has changed; and in the present world, everyone has become conscious of how important security is to their lives and well being. It is a sad fact that a burglary occurs in this country every fourteen seconds, making us the highest in the world. Cynics, of course, attribute this figure to our overall affluence, whereby everyone has things of value that are tempting to others.

Robert Hessel of Source 1 Security, an authorized Honeywell dealer in Largo, states that his firm is amazed not only by the number of homes without a security system, but also by the number of homeowners who believe they have a system that is not working or is so outdated that they are ineffective.

“New technology has made old-fashioned keypads obsolete and gives homeowners an extensive array of controls that are easy to use and thoroughly secure.”

Surprised at the number of homes paying for monitoring fees for unsecured phone lines, he has discovered that most homeowners did not choose to upgrade or repair their systems, as the thought of removing all the old equipment and then replacing it with new technology would be both a financial burden and require extensive physical work at their home. Evidently, consumers believe this because their current monitoring companies don’t want to lose the business and tell the homeowners that such upgrades and repairs really aren’t necessary.

Fortunately, this is not true, and any existing 12-volt security system can be retrofitted easily by using Honeywell’s 5800 Series wireless technology with their existing sensors. By doing so, repairs can easily be made without extensive rewiring, and the system can be upgraded to the latest technology at a very affordable cost. The system can also be used in new construction that has been pre-fitted with a hardwire system.

Converting existing wired zones to a wireless operation is the key to keeping the costs in line, while achieving a new level of service that was unattainable before. These new systems do far more than protect your home and family. They provide you with a new lifestyle of ease and convenience. A new system can control thermostats, garage doors, outdoor and interior lighting and much more, all from your own smartphone or tablet.

Article originally published in Tampa Bay Magazine: Best of 2014 Edition.

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